Uveitis Specialist

Dr. Mangala Jyothi is a highly skilled and renowned Uveitis Specialist based in Bangalore, dedicated to providing exceptional eye care services to her patients. With extensive experience and expertise in the field of ophthalmology, Dr. Jyothi has earned a reputation for her compassionate approach, precise diagnosis, and effective treatment of uveitis, a complex and potentially sight-threatening eye condition.

Uveitis Diagnosis and Treatment - Dr Mangala Jyothi specializes in diagnosing and managing uveitis, a challenging condition that involves inflammation of the uvea, the middle layer of the eye. Her precise diagnostic approach allows for targeted and effective treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Surgical Interventions - In cases where uveitis may lead to complications such as cataracts, glaucoma, or retinal issues, Dr Mangala Jyothi is well-versed in performing surgical procedures to address these conditions and improve vision.

Education and Awareness - Dr. Jyothi believes in empowering patients with knowledge about uveitis, its management, and preventive measures.

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